Here in Pella, in the land of plenty, antiquities dot the landscape, and the natural beauty blends with man-made artefacts.

Our winery is located near the site of ancient Pella, 7 km to the west. Visitors are most welcome to a guided tour to our vine growing philosophy of Permaculture (Masanobu Fukuoka) and natural wine making.

We are members of the Wine Producers Association of the Northern Greece Vineyard, which organizes Wine Roads of Northern Greece and other events. Art events (theatre productions, concerts, recitals, book presentations and seminars) are organized throughout the year in the warm ambiance of the winery event room.

In addition to the Pella Museum http://www.pella-museum.grĀ and ancient site, visitors to the area can explore the beautiful, lush Mount Paiko, the famous Edessa waterfalls and the Loutraki (Pozar) thermal baths, and sample the local delicacies.

The Ligas Estate is a must destination in Pella only 50 Km from Thessaloniki city.